Saratoga Gold

APT-1: Active Passive Trainer


The Saratoga Gold APT-1 combines both PASSIVE and ACTIVE training by using physical effort in conjunction with the electrical operation of the motor. Offering a wide range of advanced features, the Trainer helps passive users recovering from injury, suffering from muscle atrophy or confined to a wheelchair maintain muscle tone and improves blood circulation and stamina. The Trainer also challenges active users and is extremely helpful for movement rehabilitation, improving strength, stamina and fitness.

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Three great products to help you achieve your full potential for healthier living.

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Saratoga Cycles get you energized
Saratoga Exercise Cycles allow patients to take control of their fitness by making wheelchair exercise easy. They’re not just for the disabled though. Anyone who wants to stay fit, lose weight and simply have some fun should give them a whirl.


The Rand-Scot story

Since 1980, Rand-Scot has been committed to providing products that increase mobility, comfort, and strength for those who use a wheelchair.

Rand-Scot’s owner, Joel Lerich, personally designed the EasyPivot patient lift after a car accident made him a quadriplegic. Remarkably soon thereafter, he formed Rand-Scot to help better the lives of other disabled individuals. Hear Joel’s story

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