Factors of Therapeutic Values to the EasyPivot User

The therapeutic benefits of using the EasyPivot Patient Lift are multi-faceted.

Reduction of Repetitive Skin Stress and Shear
The EasyPivot Patient Lifts pivoting method lifts the person being transferred forward and up. There is no skin stress or shear from sliding or folding the skin. The EasyPivot's thigh strap is placed under the thighs of the person being transferred one leg at a time and is removed following the transfer in most instances. There is no sitting on a sling for extended periods and no negation of the positive features of the cushion under the person being transferred.

Thigh Strap Compressive Forces
The EasyPivot Patient Lifts thigh strap acting on the skin of the under-thigh pushes the skin in the area together. If the person being transferred is healing a pressure sore or has recently had flap surgery on an ischial ulcer, the natural compressive forces of the thigh strap will not pull the affected area open or cause more damage.

Stretching of the Back, Hamstrings, and Calf Muscles
The pivoting movement of the EasyPivot provides an easy stretch to the lower body of the person being transferred - including the Achilles tendons, calves, hamstrings, and back. This pivoting maneuver can be made part of a planned exercise and stretching program.

Sustained Weight Bearing on the Leg Bones
Approximately 20% to 25% of the weight of the person being transferred will be placed on his or her leg bones during the pivot maneuver. With the knees of the person being transferred placed between the side wing panels of the EasyPivot's knee pad and the calf strap placed behind the calves of the person being transferred, his or her leg bones are held in position even though the muscle tone of his or her legs is not present to support standing. Therapists indicate this bearing of weight on the leg bones is a positive feature.

Gastrointestinal Tract Stimulation
The function of position-change often relieves gas pressure build-up and release for the person being transferred. Position-change is healthful while gas pressure release relieves distention of the gastrointestinal tract. Reduction in the Risk of Developing Pressure Sores / Decubitus Ulcers Factors of good skin hygiene, daily skin inspection, prompt toileting, and effective clean-up relate to keeping dry, clean skin. The speed and ease of using the "pivot" method of transferring to a commode chair or shower chair, in conjunction with the pivoted body position, relate to these factors of preventing decubitus ulcers/pressure sores.


Acceptance, Mental Attitude, and Fear Reduction
The stability factor of the EasyPivot, with the fixed center of gravity posture of the person being transferred, enhances an individual's sense of control, safety, and stability both during the transfer and while being moved to another location. This real sense of security reduces anxiety, tenseness, disorientation, and often, negative verbalization.
Frequently, a sling-type device will not be accepted or used by many persons with disabilities because of the unsettling pendulum-like swing and moving center of gravity experienced when being transferred with a sling device. The pendulum effect of sling devices is felt especially during the transport phase of the transfer process.
Using transfer methods other than the EasyPivot often induces fear or agitation, because the person being transferred is apprehensive about his or her lack of control and the feeling of total dependence upon the caregiver.

Planned Long-Term Rehabilitation Applications & Relief of Pressure Points
Frequent transfers or simply pivoting up during the period of normal sitting serves as a pressure relief exercise. A simple, periodic pivoting procedure can be prescribed as a wound care prevention program or as a wound care healing procedure. The EasyPivot is a long-term rehabilitation tool when utilized on a ongoing, regular basis.

Proper Positioning
With the EasyPivot properly adjusted to the height of person being transferred and when used with most wheelchairs, the person being transferred will be positioned to the back of the wheelchair for a beneficial seating posture. Some specialized wheelchairs and scooters may require a slight modification of the EasyPivot unit. Rand-Scot has the experience and capability to work out modification factors.

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